About Us
      About US

      Established in 2004, ACCB Biotech is an established and known leader in oncology diagnostics. The company addresses urgent patient needs with advanced and reliable molecular diagnostic products for precision medicine. After more than 10 years development, the company had expanded its business to 27 provinces in China. 

      ACCB is equipped with all molecular pathology platforms, including fluorescence quantitative PCR platform, fluorescence in situ hybridization platform, first-generation sequencing platform, and next-generation sequencing platform. It has independently developed dozens of genetic testing kits and more than one hundred genetic testing items, involving tumor risk assessment, early tumor screening, precise tumor treatment and tumor prognosis, etc., among which, EGFR, BRAF, PIK3CA and other genetic testing kits have been certified by NMPA and CE (European Conformity). Ultra-high sensitivity NGS liquid biopsy technology can provide comprehensive, non-invasive and accurate genetic testing for patients with advanced cancer.

      In 2016, ACCB accepted the strategic investment of Tus Science & Technology Service Group; 

      In 2018, ACCB merged with a new brand of blood detection technology called WeCyte, whose leading blood detection technology based on the second generation gene

      sequencing technology platform led ACCB into a new era of accurate diagnosis and treatment of tumors!

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