About Us
      Leadership Team

      Xu Junpu - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


      Co-founder & CEO of ACCB Biotech;

      Senior Vice President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.;

      Executive Deputy Director of Precision Medicine Center, 

      Yangtze Delta Research Institute of TsinghuaUniversity;

      Vice Chairman of the Council of Jiaxing European and American Students Society;

      Graduated from the Department of Biotical Science and Technology, 

      Tsinghua University, and obtained the MBA Degree from CTU University;

      Took the office in several world-famous pharmaceutical enterprises and 

      investment companies, with more than 20 years' industry experience in the field of biomedicine;

      In 2004, founded the Beijing ACCB Biotech Ltd.,acting as the Chief Executive

       Officer to lead ACCB Biotech to become the industry leader;

      Founded the Jiaxing ACCB Diagnostics Ltd. in 2011; 

      won the honorary titles of “Zhongguancun’s Outstanding Returned Overseas Chinese Talent for Entrepreneurship”, “Jiaxing’s Leading Talent for Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, 

      “Zhongguancun Startup Star”, 

      “Jiaxing’s Top 10 Outstanding Leading Talents in 2016”, 

      “Top 10 Outstanding Leading Talents of Jiaxing Tech Town in 2017”, 

      “Entrepreneurial Elite Prize” of 2018 This Club Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Entrepreneur Award, etc.

      He Biao - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


      In 1993, graduated from the Department of Biology, Tsinghua University, with a bachelor’s degree;

      In 1995, graduated from the Department of Biology, Tsinghua University, with a master’s degree;

      In 2001, graduated from the University of Virginia;

      In 2002, Post-doctor of University of California, San Francisco (UCSF);

      In 2015, Professor of University of California, San Francisco (UCSF);

      Dr. He Biao, who mainly studies on the development of tumor markers and their application in individual-based cancer treatment, the development and application of new technologies and methods for cancer detection and diagnosis, has published nearly 100 research results in international authoritative academic journals, such as The Lancet, PNAS, Cancer Cell, Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer Research, Oncogene, International Journal of Cancer and Plos ONE. Dr. He Biao has been devoting himself to the interdisciplinary research for many years, with more than 20 invention patents in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, and has accumulated rich experience in the fields of translational medicine and tumor biology.

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