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      ACCB Assisted in the Publication of the Latest Consensus of Chinese Expert on Ne

      On July 10, 2018, the National Medical Journal of China of Chinese Medical Association officially published the expert consensus of the Tumor Marker Committee of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology and China Actionable Genome Consortium (CAGC) on the application of next-generation sequencing technology to the precision medicine diagnosis of tumor.

      The consensus expounds on the quality requirements of the next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, clinical tumor-related NGS detection content, sample processing, sequencing process, data management and informatics analysis, and describes informed consent of patients, quality control of test items, application differences of research and diagnosis and other content, so as to guide its standardized application to clinical tumor diagnosis and treatment in China.

      The publication of this important consensus can help people working in the medical field gain a correct understanding of the NGS technology the methods to use NGS, and the possible damage and serious consequences to patients resulting from blind application of immature NGS products to the clinic prematurely. We hope the NGS products which are of high quality, conform to the regulations and are beneficial to patients will be used clinically as soon as possible.

      Based on the extensive experience accumulated in the field of molecular pathology diagnosis, ACCB has successfully applied NGS to tumor gene detection, and launched NGS-based molecular diagnostic products and detection packages for tumor, covering common tumor drugs, diagnosis and other gene detection services.

      As one of the earliest enterprises in China to propose accurate concepts on tumor NGS platform and develop molded products, ACCB participated in the discussion on formulating the expert consensus and the publication of the consensus as a unit under Acknowledgements.

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