Talent Philosophy Job Offers

      ACCB, which believes that “everyone is a talent”, adheres to the employment standard of “exert full potentials with the right job for the right person”, and conducts the selection or promotion of personnel on the basis of “fairness, justice, openness, competition and selection of the best”.

      The company provides employees with a full development platform and broad promotion prospects. From the date of employment, a series of activities including new employee induction trainings, new employee communication meetings and face-to-face meetings with company management will be conducted to make new employees quickly integrate into the group and enhance their sense of belonging. During the work development, employees can apply for new jobs through self-recommendation or internal competition, which will give full play to employees’ potentials.

      Every year, the company provides opportunities for outstanding employees to study abroad, so as to broaden their minds and improve their level. Meanwhile, the company often organizes a variety of entertainment and outreach activities, which not only enriches the employees’ leisure life but also enhances the team’s cohesiveness.

      The company concerns about both the personal development and physical and mental health of employees. Every year, the company organizes regular physical examinations for the employees to show its great concern for employees. On traditional festivals, the company also sends warmth and blessings to its employees in different ways.

      The higher management team of ACCB is mainly composed of doctors and masters from Tsinghua University and returned talents after finishing overseas study. The company is a magic place for talents gathering. We expect you to join us, to inject new vitality to ACCB and to be a member of this excellent team!

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